HeavensDust: To All the Things I’ve Lost

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heavensdust6.jpg 1. What’s Left For Us
2. The Real Thing
3. Sick
4. Ruin
5. Cry and Fall
6. Beyond Hope
7. Moment of Silence
[playtime: 29’27”]

After two years of silence – which I spent listening to the previous albums released by the band – HeavenDust is back with a nice bonus album. They’re working on a new album as well, one that will have Shin singing, because they have no female singer anymore. The next album will have the usual heavy rock music they do, mixed with traditional Japanese music and traditional instruments. This bonus album is somewhat different, it’s more relaxed, mellow, it’s kind of like a solo album from Shin, who wrote all the songs. It’s quite dark too.

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Tai Chi Master OST

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pzst0026.jpg The Tai-Chi Master (aka Twin Warriors) soundtrack is a rare gem, and it’s quite surprising that it’s still available at yesasia (or at least it was recently), since this classic kung fu flick starring Jet Li was made in 1993. The composer is Wu Wai-lap (William Wu). A video:

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Infernal Affairs Trilogy OST

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The soundtrack of the Hong Kong blockbuster Infernal Affairs I-III. movies were all written by Chan Kwong-Wing (aka Comfort Chan), and they have been released separately in 2002-2003 (some of them are OOP) and later as a “Trilogy” 3 CD pack, which can be purchased here.

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Ballistic Kiss OST

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bkissost yukienishimura.jpg

I just found a real rarity, that I didn’t even know it existed. I think movie soundtracks are less likely to get released in Hong Kong compared to Korea or Japan, many of them never get on a CD. That’s why I was surprised to see that a movie from the 90’s, the only one that Donnie Yen directed had its soundtrack released (in Japan). The Ballistic Kiss OST was available for a short time, now it’s OOP but sometimes can be found on ebay. The composer of this 1998 action movie was Yukie Nishimura. She (now 40) is a Japanese pianist and has many of her own albums out in Japan. She was also the producer of this soundtrack CD, and besides being the composer she plays the piano tracks. There are 11 instrumental songs on the album, mostly classical, symphonic music, with piano being the solo instrument in most of them. These nice melodies are important part of the movie, giving it a special, romantic mood. Sometimes the songs are a little dark and sad (like The Theme of Cat), but it just makes Donnie Yen look more cool and passionate on screen. I think piano tracks are more unique on this album while “usual” soundtrack pieces are average. I like the drifting melodies of The Chase and the angelic (sic!) sounds of Angel (Music Box Version) the most.

Gackt: Redemption

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Gackt’s 23rd single, Redemption was released in January. The two songs on it are from the PS2 game, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. Tracklist:

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Susumu Yokota: Sakura

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The Wire Magazine’s electronica album of the year 2000. Susumu Yokota is one of Japan’s biggest house/techno DJs, but this album is more about the soft, ambient tunes. More »