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I got this from a very nice person who told me this was the real deal. It is. The manufacturer is a Kyoto based company, Kousaido (香彩堂), founded in 1994, who seems to be known for their incenses and other scented products. The best thing about this bath salt is also its fragrance. As you can see from the link above, some room sprays and incense are available from this company in the West, but their bath products might be hard to find even in Japan, I couldn’t even find them in their own webshop.. I read on a site that someone bought them at Kyoto Station. You can also get some of their products from ebay.

This is a single pack, the plastic sachet was nicely wrapped in decorative paper. It contains 50g bath salt, that should be good for 200L water or so. The water color is almost clear, and it has a very nice, completely natural Japanese cypress (hinoki, 檜) scent. Hinoki is a species of cypress native to central Japan, grown for its very high quality timber, which is used for building palaces, shrines and of course, baths. It is lemon-scented, and can grow 30-40m high. Usually written by katakana ヒノキ but also has a kanji: 檜. There are some theories about “hi no ki” meaning tree of fire, because it catches fire easily, but this might just be wrong.

This hinoki bath not only has an amazing scent but is also good for the skin, containing hyaluronan acids, olive and avocado oil, collagen. According to this, there are also 椿 (tsubaki) camellia and 葡萄 (budou) grapes available. The price is around 260 yen each, plus plane ticket. :) Some websites show the brand name for this series as 斎王 although I haven’t seen this written on the packaging, so I’m really not sure about anything other than it is great.

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