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meguriA  湯めぐりシリーズ (Hot water tour series) is the hot spring variety from the Japanese makers of the lovely Bath Roman salts, Earth Chemical Co., Ltd. There are several different boxes, I chose the one that has milky (nigori) type bath salts. They don’t try to resemble the actual water in those onsen towns, just the scent of flowers in the area and such, and the water is also quite colorful. This, the Rotenyu meguri (露天湯めぐり) box contains 18 sachets, and four varieties. Oddly, these are made in China. The colors and fragrances are all very nice, but the texture is not so perfect as in previous products, the powder doesn’t dissolve easily/by itself. Still these are fun.

秋田乳頭 Akita (Prefecture) – Nyūtō: Milky white with flower scent. Nice, fresh fragrance, but a little too clean, like a liquid soap. 3/5

長野五色 Nagano – Goshiki: Milky green water and some sort of flowery, herb fragrance, nice. They say it has a deep green tree scent. 4/5

青森猿倉 Aomori – Sarukura: Light/sky blue milky water, flower scent, they say it’s the frangrance of mountain peaks(?). 5/5

群馬桜山 Gunma – Sakurayama (3 sachets only): Milky pink, and smells like cherry blossoms in full bloom. 4/5

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