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This is the 4th and last assortment pack from the Tabi no yado series by Kracie. Shittori (しっとり) means moist, so these should be moisturizing. Two of the four hot spring baths are clear and two are milky type. I haven’t seen it any shop around here, they seem to only carry the milky and clear boxes (orange and pink), so I had to order this from Amazon for $20. There are 13 sachets in the box, 4 Yuzawa and 3 each of the others, featuring famous hot springs.

湯沢  Yuwaza (4 sachets)

Milky white water and they say it’s wild cherry tree scent. Rating: 3/5. Yuzawa onsen is in Niigata Prefecture, and is easy to reach by shinkansen from Tokyo (to the North). This place is also a popular ski resort area.

湯布院 Yufuin (3 sachets)

This is the other milky one, and as the purple packaging suggests, the water will be light purple, with a flowery scent. This onsen is in Oita Prefecture and is popular with women, also a nice tourist destination, surrounded by mountains, and it’s only 10km from Beppu. 3/5

有馬 Arima (3 sachets)

Bright orange, clear water and scent of cypress. Arima onsen is in Kobe (19mi west of Osaka), in Hyogo Prefecture. This is one of Japan’s oldest hot springs, many documents mention is since the 8th century. Arima Onsen has two kinds of springs. one has yellow-brown water from iron and salt, the other is colorless and contains radium and carbonate. I wasn’t too impressed first, but it kinda grew on me, and now I really like it. 4/5

道後 Dougo (3 sachets)

This is maybe the best of theis box, makes the water green (although the packaging is blue), and is supposed to have an orange scent. 4/5. Dōgo Onsen is one of the oldest onsen hot springs in Japan, with a history of over 1,000 years. It is located near Matsuyama, in Ehime Prefecture  on the island of Shikoku. It was also a favorite place of famous novelist, Natsume Sōseki. The main building in the anime Spirited Away was modeled on the present building of the Dōgo Onsen public bathhouse.

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