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The title (日本の名湯) translates as “Well know hot springs of Japan” and is kind of self-explanatory. This series is made by Bathclin (バスクリン basukurin), who produces a wide range of bath additives under several brands (e.g. Pure Skin, Kikiyu). These Nihon no Meito types are packaged as 450g bottles or boxes including 5 individual sachets (30g each). There are also assortment packs and gift packs shown on their website, and many varieties, but in the shops around here I only saw two choices on the shelves: the Noboribetsu and the Nyuto one, maybe they’re the most popular. Both are the milky white type. As usual, they help easing fatigue, muscle or back ache, coldness, dry skin and whatnot. Paid around $8 for a box, and bottles were for $15.


The brown pack is the Noboribetsu (登別) one. This is a well-known onsen town on the northernmost island of Hokkaido, in a mountainous area. The bath should have a fragrance of the forest, but for me it smelled like laundry detergent. It had a very strong, fresh smell (of a bathroom cleaning product), and while diluting it in much water weakend the scent, it didn’t help much. Will not use again. 1/5.

The other one, Nyuto has the same problem, although it has a slighly more hot springy scent. I will give it a try, but I don’t think I will buy any Bathclin products in the near future, and the rest will go to my (poor) friends. Nyuto (乳頭) village is located in Senboku city, in Akita Prefecture (North part of Honshu, Tohoku Region).

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