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So, I recently moved to New York and soon got hold of a free ticket to the Tribeca Film Festival. What should I watch? An Asian movie, of course… so I ended up seeing the premier of this great, new, Vietnamese martial art/action movie, directed by Le Thanh Son. I had no expectations and got surprised what a great choice it was, this movie is amazing, and I’m sure as soon as it hits  internatinal theaters or DVD, many people will talk about it. In Vietnam it was a big box-office success.

The story is about a female gangster who teams up with a group of guys to take possession of a suitcase. There are some philosophical talk and cheesy, dramatic scenes, but the movie is all about the fights and other action scenes. And they are great. Thanks to Johnny Tri Nguyen who we can know from Tom Yum Goong or The Rebel. His real-life girlfriend and partner in the film, Veronica Ngo is also cool. Watch the trailer:

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