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goldencup.jpgA couple of weeks ago I found an interesting Bhutanase blog on the Internet and sent them some questions about the movie industry. Norbu from the site “Kuzu” (Bhutan Weblog: was kind enough to answer them, so here’s an interview with him about Bhutanese cinema:

asiafan: – Imdb lists 10 movies from Bhutan, are there more?

There are lots more movies than 10. The number should be close to 100 or even more.

– Are people interested in local movies? Are they released on DVD?

Local movies are very popular now with their qualities improving. People know about every local movie shown through advertisement and word-of-mouth. Most of the movies produced have DVD releases.

– How many movie theaters do you have?

There are 3 formal cinemas. One in the capital city, Thimphu – it is called Lugar Theatre. Two are in the southern city, Phuentsholing, called Norgay Cinema Hall and Mig Hall respectively. In other parts of the country, movies are shown in rented halls e.g. auditorium.

– Are people more interested in hollywood movies?

Generally or majority of the people prefer local movies with good qualities. However, more educated people still prefer Hollywood movies over local productions.

– Does the country have any kind of principle in choosing what to show on screen?

There is no principle like it. There is only a censorship board.

– Can you tell me some recent movie hits in the country?

Kushi Thara, Sangwai Chharo, Zhepchu-Zhegu (49 days), Sergyel, Tshering Meto, Baak Chha, Laywang Hingi Meto, are  some of the recent hit movies.

– Are movies dubbed in local language?

All local movies are in local language. Few movies which are shown outside carry subtitles.

– Do new things like television, movies and internet have an impact on life in Bhutan?

The impact of tv, movies and Internet have been tremendous. While they have been good in terms of learning about the outside world, Bhutan is loosing our closed-knit social and community life. People are more glued to themselves now than with society and community. So, the impacts of these on our tradition and culture are kind of negative.

– What kind of popular music do people listen to? Are there any rock bands?

People listen to pop music. It is very hard to tell whether local, English or Indian music is the most popular in Bhutan.
I have read on our weblog, one of our writers – ‘TheReaper’ has his band. For sample of his band’s music, please check out the following.

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thanks to and Norbu!

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