Susumu Yokota: Sakura

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The Wire Magazine’s electronica album of the year 2000. Susumu Yokota is one of Japan’s biggest house/techno DJs, but this album is more about the soft, ambient tunes.


1. Saku
2. Tobiume
3. Uchu Tanjyo
4. Hagoromo
5. Genshi
6. Gekkoh
7. Hisen
8. Azukiiro No Kaori
9. Kodomotachi
10. Naminote
11. Shinsen
12. Kirakiraboshi

The album is full of dreamy, catchy, loop-based melodies. It can’t be described in details, it’s just the kind of music we expect when seeing the cd cover. Beautiful, delicate, picturesque. It has a little Japanese flavour, thanks to some instruments and melodies but what really makes us think of a Japanese garden is the mood. Its looping sounds remind us of a gently babbling stream and the beautiful melodies play like a sunbeam dancing among the cherry blossoms (sakura).

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Media type: CD
Released: 2000
Label: Leaf
Rating: 8


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