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Typhoon aka Taepung (2005) is a Korean action drama. Another big budget film from the end of last year, which is not as good as much it costed but still a decent movie. As many times before, it is about a North-Korean terrorist, who’s chased on sea and in many countries. The story seems to be simple but the characters and the action scenes make it a good movie that’s worth watching.

The actors are not only good but good-looking which is an important thing for a film that itself tries to impress us with its visuals. The most handsome is the bad guy, Jang Dong-Kun, who we could see in Promise (Wu Ji) last time, or in TaeGukgi. He plays Sin, a man who tried to escape from the North to the South as a child, but South Koreans sent them back resulting the whole bus of refugees to die, including his parents. Only he and his sister escaped then at the Chinese borders, and they had to survive alone. The child Sin soon decided to take revenge on the South Korean people. Later he and his sister got separated and didn’t see each-other for 20 years. Now, Sin is a modern day pirate who takes a US ship that carries some nuclear waste. So the South sends an agent (Lee Jeong-Jae) to take him but things are not that simple. The long lost sister comes in the story and we slowly start to sympathize with Sin, not only because he looks so good but because we understand him and see his sensitive side. The same fellow-feeling makes the good guy wish that they could be friends but of course they have to fight instead. How is the title related to the story? I won’t tell but expect some wind.

Directed by Kwak Gyong-taek. The movie will be released in the US this year by DreamWorks.

Starring: Jang Dong-gun, Lee Jeong-jae, Lee Mi-yeon, Kim Kap-soo
Directed by: Kwak Gyeong-taek
Written by: Kwak Gyeong-taek
Genre: action, drama
Year: 2005
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 124′
Rating: 7

Stills: https://asiafan.org/gallery/v/stills/typhoon/


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