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Korean drama, romance – 2006. Yoon-hee is harrassed by her rich husband, and one day decides to kill herself, but then she’s saved by a similarly unfortunate policeman. As the movie title suggests, they develop a romantic relationship which leads to further complications…

The unhappy marrige and aggressive husband drives Yoon-hee into the arms of a patheric policeman, who’s divorced, lonely, is in debts and have a history of problems at work because he’s not corrupt like his boss. The movie starts with a fight coreographed to tango music, this rhythm and melody stays throughout the movie. The soundtrack is very beutiful and romantic, the composer, Lee Dong-joon did the soundtrack of Swiri and Taegukgi too. The romance part of the movie is a little bit overacted and forced, we can see a lot of earlier scenes in playback, and some dancing in slow-motion. And a lot of little things that make it too movie-like, e.g. the random wall they lean on when kissing happens to be red with roses on the wallpaper, and the rain – always knows in which moment it has to start pouring. But when we are almost asleap the romance turns into an action movie, people start to fight, kill, shoot, run, shout, and the situation is even more dramatic. This movie has an interesting plot and exciting second half, so it’s worth watching. The only thing I didn’t like was the lead actor’s look, I think this movie needed a handsome, sensual, softer man (after all it’s a romance) and he’s rather rough and …well, I can’t say he’s not nice but… not my type. It was hard to enter into the spirit of romance seeing a guy that I would avoid. But he’s a very good actor and had better roles, e.g. in Bad Guy, where he plays the main character. That one really suited him. He played in five of Kim Ki-duk’s movies by the way.

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Starring: Jo Jae-hyeon, Kim Ji-su
Directed by: Moon Seung-wook
Genre: drama, romance, action
Year: 2006
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 106 min.
Rating: 6
Music: Lee Dong-jun

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