Heavensdust: Higher Than Heaven, Louder Than God

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I came across HeavensDust‘s music by chance and I fell for it at once, the band is mixing Japanese traditional music with doom metal. A little dark but beautiful music. They have 3 albums released already, and we can find a video on their website and listen to songs too. Their bassist is a girl (just expecting her baby), the keyboardist is also female, the others are guys, and the songs have English lyrics. Anyone’s fond of the music style of bands like Paradise Lost, Korn and having an interest in Japanese (music) will like them. It’s also worth cheking out the official site, if only for the nice pictures

1. Silent Scream
2. Unknown Pain
3. Time Will Take
4. Grace
5. Before I Die
6. Ashes To Ashes And Dust To Dust
7. Meaning Of Life
8. Desire Pearing The Water Of Truth
9. Where Is My God
10. Red So Deep…
11. Fade
12. Forever Sleep
13. Hatred Falling To Angel’s Wings
14. Home
15. Words
16. Devotion

hdustTheir last album, Higher Than Heaven, Louder Than God (2005) is an interesting mix of heavy metal tunes and soft, dreamy soundscapes made by Japanese instruments, creating a peculiar atmosphere full of contradictions. The band was formed in 2000, besides the guitars and vocals we can hear shakuhachi, koto and wadaiko in their songs. There are some non-metal, tranquil, instrumental songs (eg. Desire Pearing…) on the album and lyrical ones. Only thing I’d criticize is the mixing which could be more dynamic and clear, sometimes parts of the sound are repressed by another (ie. guitars covering up koto). My favourite from the 16 songs is Before I Die, it has the most catching melody, and this is what plays in the music video. Before this album another cd was released with 5 songs (and titled Before I Die), which has another version of the song with female vocals sung by keyboardist Kazuha Oda.


Artist: HeavensDust
Media type: CD
Released: 2005
Label: Reverse Records
Rating: 10

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