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Beautiful Skin

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Kracie: Tabi no yado – Bihada no yu

旅の宿 – 美肌の湯


So I walked into the Japanese store and found some bath salts. I was looking for something with a rose scent, and they had some big containers, but as I didn’t want to risk buying something I don’t know and wouldn’t like, I still chose a smaller variety pack. Being able to read some kanji and kana was also helpful, but asking a salesperson was a good idea too, even though some basic information is printed on the sticker, showing the ingredients and such, but the type of the product or its scent was not included. Some you can guess from the packaging, some not.

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Japanese Bath Salts

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I was thinking about starting a blog about my newest passion, when I realized, I already have one that I abandonded a while ago.. So here we are, I am now going to write about my bath salt experiments, that are strictly about bathing in a bath tub. (It worries me a little whether search engines and such are able to differenciate between real bathing products and bath salt as a drug, which has nothing to do with what I want to talk about. So let’s mention it some more: bathroom, tub, onsen, hot spring, bathing, aroma bath, skin care, Japan. I’m not really a SEO expert. :))

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