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IMDb user comments (imdb.com)
Faceless Beauty (aka Hypnotised) is a stunning masterpiece in the psychological thriller genre.

Review by Derek Elley (variety.com)
Director Kim In-shik, who debuted two years ago with the grungy, part-gay "Road Movie," which toured fests and gained a critical following, does a 180 with the totally different but equally off-the-wall psychodrama "Hypnotized." Visually extravagant picture...

Asian Cinema reviews (shuqi.org)
If you dream, that you wake up from a vivid dream, but you are actually still dreaming – how do you know, if you are really awake, when you are awake and not still dreaming?

AsianMovieWeb review
"Hypnotized" is a movie about the human mind, delusions, feelings of guilt and obsession. Director Kim In-shik almost reaches a new level of quality concerning the depiction of madness and confusion.

Yesasia DVD shop + user comments (yesasia.com)
The Hypnotized puts a cinematic spell on you!

Slasherpool review (slasherpool.com)
as I started watching it I instantly erased all of my prejudices. The movie looks really, and I mean REALLY good. It's simply extraordinary.

Kim In-sik's sophomore slump (filmbrain.typepad.com)
2004 found Kim returning to the big screen with a bigger budget and slick production values, but with sadly an empty shell of film that takes itself way too seriously.

Darcy Paquet's review (koreanfilm.org)
Every so often in Korea, a director with robust artistic aspirations and less concern for the commercial bottom line finds an unusually supportive (or naive) producer. Tempted by hopes of festival glory, or perhaps anxious to prove their artistic credentials to their colleagues, such producers give their director an artistic blank check in the hopes of getting something special. The results are always fascinating, whether or not they succeed.

Reviewed by Adrian Sim (filmasia.net)
Hot wife suffers from a personality disorder. Sexually deprived husband philanders. Psychiatrist has the hots for the wife. When these worlds collide, you know you're in for mostly a B-grade steamy psychosexual thriller.

New York Korean Film Festival 2005 (filmmonthly.com)
Kim In-shik's Hypnotized (2004) is a stylish, erotic thriller that aspires to be Hitchcockian.

Another review
I'm recently stayng in S.Korea and just saw this movie..

Road Movie - Reviews

IMDb user comments (imdb.com)
A Queer cinematic masterpiece.

Kyu Hyun Kim's review (koreanfilm.org)
Even though it is likely to ignite controversy among Korean filmgoers for its explicit depiction of gay sexuality, Road Movie is simply an excellent film, with or without sex scenes: a taut and poignant drama capable of holding its own against its cinematic predecessors

Review by Derek Elley (variety.com)
Billed as South Korea's first "gay movie," but actually a triangular affair in which one character is bisexual, "Road Movie" slowly gathers dramatic moss once its characters hit the highway.

The Backstreets by Mark Adnum (outrate.net)
Talk about beginners' luck. Billed as the first Korean "gay film", and the first feature by writer-director Kim In-Sik, Road Movie is one of the most moving and memorable gay-related films made anywhere in the world, in years.

Rocky Road to Love (James Wedd Review)
In-shik Kim’s feature début is a challenging look at a variety of social issues and mores in present-day South Korea, ranging from homelessness, to homosexuality to the ravages of capitalism on those earning their living from high-tech trading rather than no-tech manual labour.

46th London Film Festival review (shadowsonthewall.co.uk)
This energetic and visually offbeat Korean movie features a pure love triangle as it traverses the country and examines several social issues.

Vancouver Festival program (ubyssey.bc.ca)
This debut feature from director Kim In-Shik is captivating, from its sexually explicit opening scene through to its dramatic finale.

San F. Gay Festival
From Korea comes a modern version of the classic romantic triangle: the tale of a man who loves a man, a man who cannot accept the love of a man, and a woman who loves a man who loves a man.

Reel Affirmations Festival
From its startling opening images of raw man-to-man sex to a heart-wrenching climax, Road Movie is an enormously poignant story of three souls in search of a destination.

Sidney Film Fest '03 report (heroic-cinema.cpm)
Road Movie a rather disappointing self-explanatory titled film which kicks off with a full on gay sex scene.

Revisigint Gay Theme Road Movie vs. King and the Clown
Road Movie, which depicted the love between two homeless men, flopped commercially.

An article mentioning Road Movie

Review from TimeOut Film Guide
Remarkable debut feature that takes Korean macho masculinity literally to the end of the road.

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