Kim In-sik Biography

Born in 1960 in Gwangju city, KIM IN-SIK* (김인식) graduated from Chonnam National University with a B.A. in French Literature. He studied in Paris and graduated E.S.E.C. (Ecole Superieure d'Etudes Cinematographiques). After returning to Korea he wrote movie scripts for other directors.

He was highly praised for his debute film - Road Movie - for not only breaking longstanding Korean taboos against homosexuality, but also contemplating a sincere, unconventional love that is seldom tackled in the movies. Road Movie received all the new director awards in Korea that year (2002).

With its rough textual visuals, stark imagery, and nuanced acting, KIM In-Sik once again brought a fresh, artistic success to the theaters with his latest project, Hypnotized in 2004.

He also presented a third project Love Virus as part of the 2003 Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP) at the Pusan International Film Festival. In the same year an organization "New Cinema Network" was founded by 30 directors - with Kim among them - to help low-budget films.

Kim also writes books. His first novel was published in 1993. The title is 어디서나 슬픔은 반짝인다 "Eodiseona seulpeumeun banjjak-inda" which means "Sadness can burst out in any place" and titled "Sorrow Flickers Everywhere" in English. He wrote two other novels that are not published yet, Violet (바이올렛) and U-Rail Pass (유레일 패스).

There is no news since his second feature (Hypnotized), but we really hope he'll make new movies in the future soon.

(Biography partially from and Kofic.)

(*One Korean site listed his birth date as 1960-01-01 but 01-01 might be the default value for "we don't know the date", so it's not sure.
Be adviced that Korean write family name first and given name next!)

Kim's bio in Korean
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Kim's bio in Hungarian

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