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After trying the Beautiful Skin pack I moved on to the other three Hot Springs Assortment Packs of the Tabi no Yado series by Kracie. I was able to quickly read the hiragana words describing them and look up in my dictionary (I use Imiwa on the iPhone) that “nigori” (にごり) means “muddy“, so the Orange box should contain all the milky ones I like! Needless to say that was my fist choice.

We were just about to take a trip to Vegas, and all I could think about was finding a nice bath tub – which I did (in Vdara). I took this picture there, but I can’t tell which salt it represents, as I was not yet taking proper notes. It can’t be from Bihada as those are all white, it’s most likely the Towada one, but that is supposed to be more yellow. I will check next time. After all, this is the first box that I bought twice, after I used it up quickly…


As far as I know (from the web) these are the hot springs that are famous for their volcanic mineral enriched hot water, which helps to recover from fatigue and warm up the body. As for crude drugs, it contains dried orange peel and Angelica, if google translate is correct. :) This box contains 13 individually wrapped envelopes featureing 4 different hot springs, 3 of each, except for Shirahone, which is four packs. I paid $16 at the deli. Details:

信州白骨 Shirahone (4 sachets)

This onsen is located at the foot of Mt. Norikura in Nagano Prefecture (Mid-Japan, close to Tokyo, but on the West side). Makes the water milky white, and has a really nice japanese cypress fragrance. As I’m smell-illiterate, at first I thought it was pine, but it is definitely the scent of a tree. The sachet is the light brownish one. I gave it a rating of 5/5.

奥飛騨 Okuhida (3 packs)

Located in Gifu Prefecture (Mid-West, below Nagano), under the Japanese Alps. The water is milky white-emerald green, and it is supposed to have a flower and forest fragrance, but I would rather call it a swamp. This is the only one that I rated 0, because of its bad smell. Maybe I’ll give it another try if I ran out of all the others (not likely).

十和田 Towada

Aomori Prefecture (which is the Northern tip of the main island, Honshu). Color is milky willow (bright greenish yellow), and has a very nice – hard to describe –  herb fragrance. At first it felt a little strange bathing in yellow water, but then I just told myselt that it’s Mountain Dew. :) This made me the most relaxed so far, but later I’ve discovered that somehow all the yellow ones have such an effect. Maybe just a coincidence, as I first tried it on a very cold day, and it felt so good I almost fell asleep in the water. 5/5

霧島 Kirishima

A city in Kagoshima Prefecture on Kyushu Island (in the South), surrounded by volcanos. Sakamoto Ryoma spent his honeymoon here, healing his body in the hot springs. This salt produces a light blue milky water with a flower garden fragrance. Nice, 3/5.

Fun Facts


As you can see, these onsen-town sachets have nice, individual designs.
These illustrations are the works of Yasuhiko Kida (木田安彦).
He was born in 1944 in Kyoto, and won many awards as an artist.

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