HeavensDust: To All the Things I’ve Lost

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heavensdust6.jpg 1. What’s Left For Us
2. The Real Thing
3. Sick
4. Ruin
5. Cry and Fall
6. Beyond Hope
7. Moment of Silence
[playtime: 29’27”]

After two years of silence – which I spent listening to the previous albums released by the band – HeavenDust is back with a nice bonus album. They’re working on a new album as well, one that will have Shin singing, because they have no female singer anymore. The next album will have the usual heavy rock music they do, mixed with traditional Japanese music and traditional instruments. This bonus album is somewhat different, it’s more relaxed, mellow, it’s kind of like a solo album from Shin, who wrote all the songs. It’s quite dark too.

The album costs only around $6, and can be bought at iTunes, Amazon or cdbaby. It’s online only, has been released by the band, the producers are Shin and Okaji (drummer), the latter has mixed and mastered the album. The quality is very good and it’s worth to buy and listen. Most of the songs are slow and dark, with serious lyrics and very beautiful shakuhachi playing. The most upbeat track is the one that has a music video, Cry and Fall. Ruin and Moment of Silence are instrumental tracks, and so far my favorites are the first song and Sick. I recommend this album to anyone who likes the band or dark music, and those who don’t know them yet, should really check them out, e.g. on youtube.

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