Tai Chi Master OST

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pzst0026.jpg The Tai-Chi Master (aka Twin Warriors) soundtrack is a rare gem, and it’s quite surprising that it’s still available at yesasia (or at least it was recently), since this classic kung fu flick starring Jet Li was made in 1993. The composer is Wu Wai-lap (William Wu). A video:

The CD has 28 songs, most of them are about 1.5 minutes long, the album has 55 minutes of music on it. The mood takes us back to the kung fu films of the 90’s, and it’s one of the best soundtrack of the era. It uses traditional Chinese melodies and instruments as well, and is a nice album to listen even without the movie. The songs are nice, calm and the sound is of high standard. I saw the movie years ago, somehow I didn’t notice the music back then and I’m glad I got back to it now. Recommended.

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