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Japanese black comedy from 2004 starring Tadanobu Asano. I watched this movie because I liked the soundtrack so much. With expectations based on the music I was a little disappointed, even though I was prepared to see something comepletely mindless. The film also stars Vinnie Jones (Lock Stock.., Snatch, X-men). Director is Gen Sekiguchi, it’s his only movie so far.

Great movie for the fans os absurde humour and total confusion. The story: a man is unable to keep his wife dead, who comes back from the grave again and again, always in a different outfit. A hitmen ask everybody about what their “function” in life. A familyman is hypnotized into a bird and can’t change back, and a lot of other weird characters. Being a comedy it didn’t make me laugh not once. But thanks to the great soundtrack and the colorful pictures and the whole insanity it can be enjoyed. It’s even touching in the end.

Starring: Tadanobu Asano, Vinnie Jones, Hiroshi Abe, Reika Hashimoto, Sonny Chiba
Directed by: Gen Sekiguchi
Written by: Taku Tada
Genre: Vígjáték, dráma
Year: 2004
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Runtime: 120 min
Rating: 6

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