Utada: Ultra Blue

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Utada Hikaru‘s 4th album has just been released in June. Featuring previous hit single songs it’s a nice, long-avaited pop/dance album.

1. This is love | 2. Keep Tryin’ | 3. Blue | 4. Nichiyou no Asa | 5. Making Love | 6. Dareka no negaiga kanau koro | 7. Colors | 8. One Night Magic | 9. Kairo | 10. Wings | 11. Be My Last | 12. Eclipse | 13. Passion

The song Passion is from the game Kingdom Hearts II and Dareka no negaiga kanau koro is from the movie Casshern which was directed by Utada’s husband. Colors, This Is Love and Keep Trying are songs that fans could hear in tv commercials before. You can watch the first hit, Be My Last also unplugged played by Utada on a guitar.

Artist: Utada Hikaru
Media type: Album
Released: 2006
Label: Toshiba-EMI Japan
Rating: 7

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